How to win the lottery

When it comes to winning the lottery, there is a sure-fire way to improve your chances: by increasing the number of tickets that you by, you can help to reduce the odds of winning a prize. However, this will only work if you buy multiple tickets for the same draw; for example, if you buy ten tickets for ten draws, your odds would stay the same, but if you bought ten tickets for one draw, you can reduce the odds by a factor of ten.

By using this principle in conjunction with another strategy, you can help to improve your odds even further. The strategy is known by different names depending on where you go in the world: commonly, it is referred to as using ‘perms’ – which stands for permutation – or also ‘wheeled numbers’.

Essentially, this strategy involves selecting different permutations of numbers to increase the chances of one or more tickets winning. It is possible to use software or wheeled number generators to help pick these numbers, so then it is just a case of getting the tickets.

Basically, rather than randomly picking numbers, the idea is to purposely create some overlap between the numbers used for different tickets. In doing this, supposing you had two tickets that shared a couple of numbers and these numbers came out, if the first ticket matched no further numbers, then that wouldn’t win, but if the second ticket did match another one, then that would win.

Ideally, for the best chances of success, you would use a fairly large number of tickets. In doing so, it is possible that some win the lowest prize, whilst some win the next prize up, and so on. It might not guarantee a jackpot win – although it will inevitably increase the chances – but it can improve the chances of winning multiple smaller prizes.